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Living With Coyotes

Coyotes belong here, they are an important part of the ecosystem, and amongst other things, as they help to keep rodent populations in check.  Coyotes are naturally shy animals, but as we move more and more into their habitat, we tend to see more of them. Coyotes can be more active and bold during and right after mating season, between Jan-March.  


Here are few tips to keep your pets safe and coyotes out of your yard


  1. Don't feed wildlife, including squirrels and bunnies. Don't let birdseed accumulate on the ground.

  2. Don't use rat poisons. A dying rodent will attract coyotes.

  3. Don't use rat poisons (yes again, it's that important). Poisons kill and remove coyotes' natural sources of food.

  4. Don’t keep pet food outside / Don't feed pets outside.

  5. Clean your grill after using, or store it inside your garage when not in use.

  6. Securely cover your trash and recycling cans with a tight fitting lid. Wildlife can get into recycling and get containers stuck on their heads.

  7. Pick up fallen fruit.

  8. Keep cats indoors. Always. Teach them to love the indoors with toys and playtime. 

  9. Always supervise your dog  even in your fenced yard, keep on a leash always when walking outside your property.

  10. If you have a small dog and encounter a coyote, keep your dog close to you and make loud noises to scare the coyote off.

  11. If you are concerned about a particular coyote, carry a whistle or horn and every time you see them use it. Encourage neighbors to do the same.

  12. Call Palm Springs Wildlife Advocates for any assistance. 760.833.5003

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